Guidance for Proper Garbage Disposal Installation


In the kitchen are several appliances that will always need your attention lest they get damaged and stop working.  The flashy dishwasher, refrigerator and even the stove are some of the things that need close checking in the kitchen.  Most people fail to remember that the garbage disposal in various appliances in the kitchen is necessary hence ignore them.  Most people will always wait until a problem on the garbage disposal come on board so that they cant spare their time and money to work on it.

Most probably it will require you to replace it with a new one since the disposal passage may fail to unclog.  Luckily the process of installing a new disposal at is so direct hence will not need you to look for a specialist to help you out.  This is made easy because the models are just made the same way so what you need to do is to look into how the old one was fixed.  There are only three steps towards the replacement, and you are done.

The first step is to get ready for  it by buying a new garbage disposal.   The second procedure for you to tackle is to remove the old garbage disposal.  Lastly you needed to fix the new garbage disposal and you done with the mess, but most probably you won’t ignore any other time.  In your preparations to replace your garbage disposal, you got some things to do before you fix it.  You are needed to assemble all the material needed for the repair before you embark on the main activity.  Take a picture of the old garbage disposal and come up with some steps on how to go about it.  Before you get rid of the Replace Your Garbage Disposal remember to look at the brand so that you can go ask for the same or even make comparison with other brands.  As soon as you done with the preparation and you got all the material ready, remove the old garbage disposal and remove the flange inside the sink.  The screwdrivers can make your work easier when loosening up the old pipes to give place for the new ones.

AS soon as the passage is clear you can now install the new garbage disposal which is quite simple.  In case it becomes a bit challenging to get it fixed, you can refer to the picture you took of the old one.  The guidelines that are available in the new garbage disposal unit can help you a great deal in case you were not keen to look at how the old unit was fixed. If you want to learn tips on how to install a garbage disposal unit, go to


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